July 8, 2009 at 10:26 am (Uncategorized)

There are some important advantages and disadvatages of flex which i came to know.Given below are some important advantages and disadvantages of flex

You can use any HTTP Server and any backend technology

Flex/ActionScript has the advantage of Flash player being installed on over 90% of
browsers. Plus, it supports webcam and microphone

Applications developed using Flex assures Rich User Experience through intuitive
interaction with the application and presenting information in a visually rich

Flex application is that the application can smoothly transition from state to state
without having to fetch a new page from the server and refresh the browser. By avoiding
the constant refreshing of pages, the end-user’s experience is more fluid and
continuous. In addition, the load on the server is greatly reduced because it need only
return the application once, rather than a new page every time the user changes views.


Flex does not read or write files to the end-user’s computer. This is a
restriction of the Flash Player.

Flex does not ‘naturally’ handle lots of records easily. That’s similar to any
client/server application however. If you write a Java/Swing application that
needs to get 3000 records from a server, it is going to take awhile.



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